February 18, 2017
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December 20, 2016
Any interest in the other comics work I'm doing? I'm currently drawing the Betty Boop series from Dynamite. It can be bought in comic shops or digitally. I also drew a short story for the upcoming Jem & the Holograms annual, AND I'll be penciling Jem starting with issue 24. I also did covers for Gwenpool issue 12 and 13. Hope you check it out! Happy Holidays!--Giz :)

July 30, 2016
I have new releases this coming October! The order codes are here and here! Preview some interiors here and here. Annnd preview my Jem cover here. Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook for up to date info on what I'm working on!--Giz :)

July 20, 2016
I have new work announced! Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook for more details!--Giz :)

June 14, 2016
Want to see all the other stuff I'm working on? Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to be up to date!--Giz :)

May 30, 2016
Some of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook have requested to see an uncensored version of a DiDi commission I recently did. You can find the NSFW image of it here. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to see more commission work I've done (& more too!)--Giz :)

April 30, 2016
Want to see the uncensored version of the NSFW Psycho-themed DiDi commission I did? Click here! To see more commission work I've done of late, follow me on Twitter or Facebook.--Giz :)

March 21, 2016
Want to see some of the commissions I've been working on? Follow me on Twitter or Facebook.
I've also done two podcast interviews of late. One for Radioactive Metal and one for Music City Comics!--Giz :)

November 25, 2015

I'm participating in a Kickstarter created by fellow friends, Dan Parent & Fernando Ruiz. I already contributed a poster for it, and might contribute more depending on its success. Check it out!--Giz

August 4, 2015

July 1, 2015
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks! Our next Kickstarter is fast approaching, and we're working hard on getting it ready for sometime this month. For fans of my Archie work, I have two short stories running in the digests. First one is a Sabrina story running in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #234 (sample pages here,) and the second one is a Josie & The Pussycats story running in B&V Friends Double Digest #244 Hope you guys check it out, and if you liked them, be sure to tell your friends! Thanks everyone!--Giz

June 14, 2015
The Ma3 Kickstarter bonus story is now available to everyone. If you backed the volume 6 Kickstarter, check your KS messages to get this PDF for free. If you haven't, you can still get it for a $1 at Gumroad. Click here for the link! Thanks everyone!--Giz

May 23, 2015
Readers of Pixie Trix Comix know I like cats. I make sure there's one in almost every comic I make. My good friend, Holly K Golightly, took it a step further and made a comic of her daily adventures with her cat, and I love it. Backing her Kickstarter project was a no brainer for me. I invite you to check it out too! Thank you, Holly, Pangur Ban (& Jim too!) for the great comic!--Giz

March 11, 2015
I got to draw the cover for issue 3 of ArchieVSPredator (yes, that's actually happening!) I did the 3 on a soda one. It was colored by Shouri. Check it out! And make sure to order the mini series too!--Giz :)

February 3, 2015
So yeah, joined Facebook after avoiding it for years. Figured Pixie Trix Comixneeded a page there. Soooo... I'm there, and so is Pixie Trix Comix! And of course now, Twitter.--Giz :)

January 27, 2015
First post of 2015 and January is almost over. Too late to wish a happy new year? Hehe... Anyway, just a quick post to let you guys know that the Kickstarter rewards have almost all been sent out (like 98%.) We're missing a few of them as some didn't answer the survey yet, and we ran out of the keyring (they're on order) so a couple of packages were put on hold for that reason. I won't lie, fulfilling all these rewards was hard work. Took us like 3 months. Crazy! I want to thank Marc, my significant other, for helping me with this. It was just the two of us doing all this shipping. We plan on updating the store soon with all the new items (minus the DiDi doll, as she's still in the works.) What else is new for 2015? I joined Twitter. Maybe I'll do Facebook too. Had to happen one day.--Giz

July 8, 2014

It's that time of year again! Volume 6 is up for pre-order! Only difference this year is that we're using Kickstarter to fund the printing. We hope you'll be onboard. The book will eventually be available in our store but for now, head over to Kickstarter! Thank you so much for all your support, guys!--Giz

June 19, 2014
With strip 900, we completed book 6. We're still working on getting everything ready so we can make it available for pre-ordering (gonna be a little different this year.) We've also decided to make a twitter account for Pixie Trix for those who want to follow us there for news & updates.--Giz

December 31, 2013
As mentioned in late October, I did a piece for the Nelvana of the Northern Lights Kickstarter. Shouri provided the gorgeous colors. You can check it out here and here. See you in the new year! Cheers!--Giz ;)

November 9, 2013
Dave and I just happen to be at Halcon this Saturday. We'll be hanging around the Where Monsters Dwell table, and we'll participate in the Webcomics panel at noon and then the women in comics panel (just me.) If you're in the Halifax area, come say hello!--Giz :)

November 7, 2013
Read your comics on an iphone? If yes, Ma3 is now available in the Comic Chameleon app!--Giz :)

October 30, 2013
I'm contributing art, along with Shouri on colors, to the Nelvana of the Northern Lights Kickstarter. Ends on Nov. 1st, so check it out! Also, Eerie Cuties volume 3 is at the printer and will ship mid-November. We're taking orders right now at our store.--Giz :)

September 8, 2013
I was interviewed this week on the Where Monsters Dwell radio show. You can listen to it here. The interview starts midway in the show, after a French song. For those interested, the French song played is from the girl band I was in in the early '90s (I was the bass player.) This was a cover of an old Brigitte Bardot song that we totally tweaked and made it our own. Just listen to the original to see how much we changed it lol--Giz :)

August 17, 2013
If everything goes as planned, I should be at DCAF this Sunday. If you're in the Halifax area, come say hi!--Giz :)

July 23, 2013
We've been getting A LOT of emails in regards to our RSS feed. The problem seems to be Feedly related. We're not too sure yet what to do at the present. Voting here might help, though! On another note, book 5 is now shipping. We're going through orders as fast as we can. Thanks for your patience!--Giz :)

June 20, 2013
Book 5 is now available for pre-order! We start shipping mid-July 2013. This year, our bonus story features "What If" strips of Gary's possible future wives. What if he married Zii? Yuki? DiDi? Or any other girl in the Ma3verse? We touch on a few, and we hope you'll enjoy! We also have our traditional color postcards. This year, we've paired Sonya & DiDi, Zii & Yuki, Sandra & Senna, and Amber & Chanelle (in their Barbarella-style outfits from strip #652 to boot!)Thanks again for all the support over the years, guys. It REALLY means a lot!--Giz :)

June 4, 2013
With today's update, we close volume 5. Pre-orders for the printed book should be up sometime this week, and we start volume 6! Thanks for the support, guys!--Giz :)

April 13, 2013
Sandra On the Rocks debuts April 17th. We're still working on the site but should have everything in order by the official launch date.--Giz :)

April 9, 2013
Since it's always nice to help people, how about... Helping Raven Crescent!--Giz :)

March 5, 2013
Opus the poet, one of our forum members, is holding an art contest to design a tattoo to cover a scar on his leg that he got from a hit & run driver. The winner gets $500. If you're an artist interested in giving this a go, you can find the rules and info at this blog post. All the best to you, Opus!--Giz :)

February 16, 2013
Did a podcast interview this week. Was fun! Talked about various comics I'm involved with. You can check it out here. My headset mic wasn't the best but the host, Jonathan, did his best to remove any unwanted noises (great job, Jonathan!) Also, enjoy as I gradually lose my voice through the interview as I forgot to have a glass of water nearby! lol --Giz :)

January 13, 2013
To those who remember the gender-swap #636 issue I drew over the Summer featuring a famous little red head, the variant cover is now available as a poster. It's securely shipped in a tube and is of high quality. Available here while supplies last.--Giz :)

January 7, 2013
Pixie Trix Comix launches today Sticky Dilly Buns, a new comic starring Dillon. The cast will also include Amber & Chanelle, and new characters will gradually be introduced as well. The creative team on the comic will consist of me and my long-time Eerie Cuties collaborator, Shouri. We'll be updating it every Monday and Friday. We hope you'll check it out, and include it in your webcomic reads. Before closing, Chloe of Go Get A Roomie is having a Kickstarter, go help her out!--Giz :)

November 20, 2012
For EC/MC readers, we are now taking pre-orders for our latest volume of Eerie Cuties (w/Magick Chicks). We expect to ship the book mid-December. Like our past volumes, we include a bonus story and collector postcards. We're also running a little holiday sale on past volumes (Ma3 too!), so if you need to catch up, now's a good time. All the details on what's inside the book is at our store. You can also preview a bonus page from the bonus story. Pre-orders are important for us to determine how big to make our print run, so please, if you're interested in getting the book, considering pre-ordering it. It really does help us out. Thanks everyone!--Giz :)

October 22, 2012
To those who also follow our other projects, the Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks universe gets a new spin-off today: Dangerously Chloe! Chloe will be a familiar face to Eerie Cuties readers, but knowing Chloe's history isn't mandatory to follow this series. The update schedule will be Mondays and Thursdays. It'll be written by Dave (from EC/MC/MA3) and drawn by Cassandra Wedeking, the wonderful artist on Magick Chicks. I think it's fair to say it's in good hands. We're really happy with this new project, and we hope you'll bookmark it and make it part of your webcomic reading. To all our readers, thanks for all the support you've given us over the years!--Giz

September 6, 2012
Before it's too late to pick up this issue off the newsstands, here's a little reminder of a special comic I was involved with. Should be on newsstands for the next 2 weeks.--Giz :)

July 21, 2012
Quick update! Books will start shipping middle of next week!--Giz :)
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